Professional production Swelling Rubber Waterstop/concrete Compound Rubber Waterstop Shape and size can be customized

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The rubber waterstop and rubber waterstop are made of natural rubber and various synthetic rubber as the main raw materials, mixed with various additives and fillers, and molded by plasticizing, mixing and pressing.

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Buried rubber waterstop

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The mid-buried rubber waterstop is a waterstop product mainly used in concrete deformation joints, expansion joints, etc. It has the ability to adapt to the expansion and deformation of concrete with the elasticity and structural form of rubber materials. This product uses the high elasticity and compression deformation of rubber to produce elastic deformation under various loads, so as to play a fastening and sealing role, effectively prevent water leakage and water seepage of building components, and play a role of shock absorption and buffering, which can ensure engineering construction lifespan of the thing.

Back-mounted rubber waterstop

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The back-adhesive rubber waterstop uses the high elasticity of rubber to produce elastic deformation under various loads, so as to achieve a strong seal, effectively prevent water leakage and seepage of the building structure, and play a role in shock absorption and buffering. In many engineering and architectural designs, there are certain expansion and contraction requirements between civil engineering and water and soil structures, and there are problems such as waterproof and shockproof. Therefore, the use and installation of rubber waterstops is an effective means to solve the above problems. This product is mainly used for foundation projects, underground facilities, tunnel culverts, aqueducts, retaining dams, etc. that are integrated with concrete structures in construction joints and deformation joints when concrete is poured in place, to ensure the service life of engineering construction.

Steel edge waterstop

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The steel-edged rubber waterstop is that the section of the rubber waterstop adopts a non-uniform thickness structure, which is divided into a strong area and a waterproof area, so that the force on each part is even and reasonable. Installing holes are added on the steel plate of the waterstop to connect with the steel bars, so that the fixing is firm and not easy to displace, so that the force on each part is even and reasonable. The long wall of the telescopic hole of the steel edge waterstop is flat. During the construction of the waterstop, the clamping contact surface of the formwork is large, and it is not easy to dislodge;

water-swellable waterstop


The water-swellable waterstop will gradually expand after encountering water, and finally
Slowly block the capillary pores that exist all over the place, making the contact with the concrete interface more closely, thereby generating greater water resistance pressure and forming an impermeable plastic colloid. This product has the characteristics of high expansion ratio and strong mobile supplementary performance. After being placed in the construction joint pouring joint, it has a strong balance self-healing function, and can automatically seal the new tiny gaps caused by settlement. For the completed project, if the gap leaks water, it can be re-plugged with a water stop strip , low construction cost and simple construction process, excellent corrosion resistance.

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